Dojo rules

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  1. A clean white Karate-GI must be worn with belt tied correctly. Not more than two badges may be worn on the front of the jacket and no markings of any kind on the back of the jacket or the trousers.
  2. No wrist watches, rings, ear rings, body piercings (check with instructor), chains necklaces or bracelets may be worn during training. Mobile phones to be switched off or put on silent mode unless prior arrangement is made with your Sensei.
  3. Finger and toenails must be kept short and clean at all times. Hands and feet must always be clean.
  4. Before entering and leaving the Dojo (training hall) bow from the waist.
  5. In the Dojo (while used as a Dojo) silence must be maintained. No chatting, no smoking, no gum chewing, no eating or drinking.
  6. However intimate master and pupil may be outside the Dojo, inside the instructor is always called Sensei and treated with utmost respect. If, for whatever reason, the pupil loses respect for their master, they must immediately find another master.
  7. Punctuality at all times is essential.
  8. The Karate-ka must always respect an opponent, never losing his temper no matter how an opponent might have behaved. Karate-ka of inferior grade to oneself must be treated with consideration.
  9. Outside the Dojo or Shiaijo (contest area), the Karate-Ka must never use the techniques they have learnt, other than in defence of life or limb. They must never be first to attack (Karate ni sente nashi).
  10. Visitors are always welcome, subject to their observing the above rules, where applicable.
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