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1.Information for students taking physical kyu grading's.

Q. When and where can i take a kyu grading?

A.The minimum waiting period between Kyu grading examinations is three months. Normally the Kyu grading's are held at members clubs or T.K.U. courses. You must make sure that the examiner is qualified to take the grading. The information on where grading's are to be held will be published in a newsletter club instructor you fail your grading then you must wait at least six weeks before you may re-take the examination You may find that your license has been marked by the examiner to indicate that you should wait a certain time before you re-take the examination. A class system of passes is in operation and your license will be marked accordingly with a first, second or third class pass.

  1. FIRST CLASS PASS - Represents excellent standard achieved
  2. SECOND CLASS PASS - Represents a good standard achieved
  3. THIRD CLASS PASS - Represents an average standard achieved

Q. What if i have changed over from another style or association?

A. Normally the student will simply take the next grading, but only after he/she has had sufficient time to learn the necessary skills required by this association, during which time the student would be required to wear a red tag on their OBI (Kyu grades only). This however is a flexible system and is mentioned in the bye-laws of the constitution under "Kyu grades from other associations may transfer to the T.K.U. subject to the technical committee representatives recommendation." Members of the T.K.U., either clubs or individuals, may publish only grades or promotions, which have been registered with the T.K.U.

Q. How much will a grading cost?

A. The standard charge for attempting a grading, exclusive of any preliminary training fee, is set by the executive committee/chief instructor.

2.Information for students taking physical dan grading's

Q. Where and when can dan grading's take place?

A. Dan grading's for members can only take place at stipulated venues authorised by the executive committee. These will be published via a newsletter. Application forms for the Dan grading's will be available from the general secretary and must be returned to the chief instructor three months prior to the Dan grading date.

Q. What are the prerequisites for dan grading?

A. There are minimum waiting periods between grading's and points must be accumulated by attending approved T.K.U. courses/competitions, prior to Dan grading's being taken. Points are awarded as follows:-

  1. 1 point for attending/officiating a T.K.U. course/competition or a T.K.U. approved course/competition.
  2. 2 points for a first place result in a T.K.U. competition.
  3. 1 point for a second/third place in a T.K.U. competition.
  4. 1 point for any result achieved in a T.K.U. approved competition, (non T.K.U. organized)
  5. 2 points for any result achieved at an GOVERNING BODY competition National / international
  6. 2 points for taking an active part for a full year on the Executive or Technical Committees.

The requirements for candidates wishing to take physical Dan grading's are as listed below.

  1. 1st Dan applicants must have held 1st Kyu for at least six months and must have accumulated 12 attendance/result points since starting karate and having a minimum three years experience as a Kyu grade.
  2. 2nd Dan applicants must have held 1st Dan for at least two years and must have accumulated a further four attendance/result points.
  3. 3rd Dan applicants must have held 2nd Dan for at least three years and must have accumulated a further four attendance/result points.
  4. 4th Dan applicants must have held 3rd Dan for at least four years.
  5. 5th Dan applicants must have held 4th Dan for at least five years.

Candidates between the ages 16 and 40 years should have a fair amount of competition knowledge/experience.

Q. Do i have to take a written examination?

A. No, only those wishing to become Kyu/Dan grading examiners, or technical committee members are required to take the written examinations. To be eligible to sit the written examination the candidate must have passed the physical examination, or achieved the accredited learning requirements set out by the T.K.U. technical committee. The written examination will consist of general and technical knowledge of karate and the T.K.U. grading book, current GOVERNING BODY judging and refereeing rules and first aid. The only exception to this being a short-term dispensation for the good of the association to enable the association to fulfil its commitments. This will only be issued by the chief instructor with the executive committees approval.

3.Information for students whom have been nominated for promotion through the honorary kyu/dan grade system.

Q. What about private kyu/dan grading's?

A. There will be no private kyu/Dan grading. There will however be an honorary Kyu/Dan grade system for those nominated for promotion.

Q. How will the honorary kyu grading system work

A. Kyu grades will only be considered for the honorary system after 3 consecutive attempts at the next grade. Any T.K.U. Kyu grade examiner will be able to award an honorary Kyu grade at their discretion up to there grading rights, assuming that the applicant has the relevant time periods between grades. Once in the honorary Kyu grading system the student will no longer be eligible to progress through there physical Kyu grading system.

Q. How will the honorary dan grading system work?

A. Any Dan grade member of the T.K.U. can nominate a person, including him or herself for honorary Dan grade promotion. The nomination should be made in writing to the general secretary of the T.K.U. the nominee will then be asked if they wish to be considered for honorary Dan grade promotion by the general secretary. If accepted the nominee will be required to submit a curriculum vitae (C.V.) and proof of accredited learning (see section 6) to support the nomination: The nomination will then be passed onto the technical board for approval and if approved by two thirds of the technical board the promotion will take place at the next appropriate T.K.U. public occasion, i.e. course, AGM, or T.K.U. Championships. Once in the honorary Dan grading system the student will no longer be eligible to progress through the physical Dan grading system. The time periods for honorary are the same as for physical.

Q. Are all dan grading's syllabus grading's?

A. No. Dan grading's can take two routes. The honorary system as previous stated or syllabus grading's for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Dan then the honorary system applies. With older applicants 4th and 5th Dan as a syllabus grade is optional.

Q. What about the registration of dan grades?

A. All candidates whom successfully gain Dan grade promotions including honorary will pay a registration fee set by the executive committee. The successful candidate will receive a Dan grade certificate and candidates whom have successfully gained their 1st Dan will receive a black belt. Ratification GOVERNING BODY Dan grade certificate is available via the chief instructor. A separate T.K.U. certificate will be awarded for passing the theory exam.

Q. What about dan grades from other styles or associations?

A. This will be governed by advice from the chief instructor! Technical/board. Each case being taken on its own merits. Dan grades from other styles will obviously require time to become fully integrated. Other associations have different syllabi and once again the chief instructor/technical board will give individual advice to each Dan grade.

4.Information for people wishing to become T.K.U. examiners.

Q. Examiners

A. Basically examiners are split into two groups: Kyu grade examiners and Dan grade examiners. All T.K.U. registered Dan grades can grade as of right, providing that they are at least 18 years of age for Kyu grade examiners and 21 years of age for Dan grade examiners, and have all passed the relevant Dan grade theory paper and achieved the relevant accredited learning. The grading rights for Dan grades are as follows:

  1. 1st Dan - up to and including 7th Kyu
  2. 2nd Dan - up to and including 4th Kyu
  3. 3rd Dan - up to and including 1st Kyu

Dan grades that wish to conduct grading's must ensure that they keep up to date on T.K.U. practices by regularly attending approved courses. As examiners you should act in a responsible manner when conducting grading's and ensure that both yourself and the candidate meet all the requirements laid down by the T.K.U. check that the candidates have an up to date license and that he or she complies with the minimum waiting periods, (Kyu grades, 3 months between grades, six weeks from failure of last grading). You must sign the candidate's license denoting class of pass so as to keep the students records up to date if failed return the licence immediately after the grading. You should also award them the appropriate completed Kyu grade certificate, as this is the student's proof of qualification. Kyu grade certificate are obtainable from the T.K.U. The charge that you are allowed to make per student for Kyu grading's is set by the executive committee/chief instructor.

5.Information for students wishing to become T.K.U. instructors

Q. What are the requirements needed to become a T.K.U. instructor

A. Instructors are split into two main groups, assistant T.K.U. instructors and T.K.U. instructors

Assistant T.K.U. instructor requirements

  1. GOVERNING BODY assessment for assistant instructors and renewed every 2 years
  2. First aid certification (current).
  3. Minimum grade of 3rd Kyu.
  4. Minimum age of 18years
  5. Proof of Police check within the last 12 months

T.K.U. instructor requirements

  1. GOVERNING BODY assessment for instructors and renewed every 2 years
  2. First aid certification (current).
  3. Minimum grade of 1st Dan.
  4. Minimum age of 18years
  5. Professional indemnity insurance (current)
  6. Proof of Police check within the last 12 months

6.Information on accredited learning.

Q. What is accredited learning?

A. Required certification to be considered for the honorary Dan grading system.

Q. What do i need to achieve to progress through the honorary dan grading system.

A. Requirements. (ALL GRADES)

  1. 50% of attendance/affiliation at T.K.U. events/courses in the last 3 years.
  2. A proven average training record of two or more training sessions per week over the last 3 years.
  3. A proven track record in assisting/instructing at T.K.U. Clubs/events over the last year.
  4. First aid certification (current)
  5. Relevant theory paper for current grade before promotion.

Q. What's required to progress through the honorary dan grade system?

A. The following GOVERNING BODY/SNVQ qualification are required; (NVQ Requirements are to be at the Committees discretion)

  1. 1st Kyu - 1st Dan GOVERNING BODY assistant instructors certification
  2. 1st Dan - 2nd Dan GOVERNING BODY instructors certification and active in a sub-committee
  3. 2nd Dan - 3rd Dan Participation in executive or technical committee
  4. 4th Dan - 5th Dan NVQ level II must be attained in addition to the above.(NVQ Requirements are to be at the Committees discretion)
  5. 6th Dan and above will be by award and approved by both Technical and Executive committee's subject to obtaining all of the above in addition.

7.Information on the costs for kyu/dan grading.

Q. What are the costs for kyu/dan grading in the T.K.U.

A. The costs for grading are set by the executive committee at the beginning of each year. Cost set down by the GOVERNING BODY are included or listed separately. All students will be informed of any cost prior to the event-taking place.

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